Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Outie belly button now an innie!

 Here is an excellent illustration of how the "outie" belly button can return to normal again. This is usually caused by diastasis recti, but it doesn't have to last forever and it doesn't always have to be corrected by surgery.

Before ReCORE and the FITsplint (5 months postpartum)

After ReCORE and the FITsplint (6 weeks later)

Before ReCORE and the FITsplint (5 months postpartum)
After ReCORE and the FITsplint (6 weeks later)

  This mom worked hard. This client started ReCORE at almost 5 months postpartum and has 1 child. She started ReCORE and wore the FITsplint , beginning measurements were 3, 3, 1/2 diastasis and finished 6 weeks later with 1, 1, 0!  So around her belly button, which is the area that responds the slowest, it went from a 3 finger width to a 1 in 6 weeks. Her before waist measurements were 36.5" and 36" and after they were 33" and 35", so quite an improvement there also.  These pictures show how much a umbilical hernia (outie belly button) can improve in just 6 weeks. Umbilical hernias sometimes occur because of diastasis recti. Once diastasis recti is resolved, so is the umbilical hernia. 


"The tissues are a lot stronger now and tighter. The depth is now shallow, not as deep as it was. Overall everything improved nicely. I love the program and the overall result I achieved… I just wish i found it before or as soon after i gave birth."

**It is typically recommended to wear the FITsplint if a client has finger width separation of 2 fingers or more (or is within 3 months postpartum) and it is recommended to wear it 8 hours a day and then at night as well. Watch the video to learn how to check for your separation or diastasis recti here.

Content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to offer medical advice or replace the recommendations of your physician or midwife. Please consult a physician before beginning an exercise program.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bounce back after baby with ReCORE!

What is the first thing you should do for yourself after having a baby? Besides snuggling and feeding your baby and sleeping, it should be to recondition your core. Not from a vain standpoint, but from a functional standpoint. Don't focus on losing baby weight or getting that "perfect body." Stretch marks are not possible to change… but those are beauty marks to forever remember you brought life into this world! But what you can change and get back is your core strength and function.   Trying to lose weight and exercise intensely with a weak core is a disaster waiting to happen (think injuries, back pain, hip pain, pelvic weakness issues, making diastasis worse and possibly prolapse)

Here are a few amazing moms who finished ReCORE before jumping back into running or other higher impact exercises

Client #1

Bio - Started ReCORE 5.5 weeks post partum. Gave birth to twins! This client just happened to find this program after she had her twins.She purchased and wore the FITsplint during the 6 weeks of ReCORE.

Before ReCORE Measurements
             Above Belly - 2
             At Belly Button - 2-3
             Below Belly Button - 2

             Belly Button Circumference - 37"
             Below Belly Button Circumference - 40"

After ReCORE Measurements
             Above Belly - 1/2 (Closed)
             At Belly Button - 1/2 (Closed)
             Below Belly Button - 1/2 (Closed)

             Belly Button Circumference - 34"
             Below Belly Button Circumference - 35.5"

It's amazing all that improved that you can't see by the pictures. Besides tightening up the loose ab muscles, she lost 3-4" off the waist at 2 different areas. She took care of the big issues..her diastasis recti separation and getting her core stable and strong! She closed everything in 6 weeks. She noted that her stress incontinence issues are now gone. Heavy pelvic feeling gone also. Of course there is more core strength progression that she can do and she was given tips on how to keep going.

TESTIMONIAL "I really enjoyed the program and am very happy with the results!"

Client #2

Bio - This client started ReCORE at 4 weeks postpartum (cleared by physician). This was her first baby. Client used the FITsplint during pregnancy as well as after while doing the ReCORE program.

Before ReCORE Measurements
             Above Belly - 1
             At Belly Button - 1.5
             Below Belly Button - 0

             Belly Button Circumference - 32"
             Below Belly Button Circumference - 32 3/4"

After ReCORE Measurements
             Above Belly - Closed
             At Belly Button - <1 nbsp="" p="">             Below Belly Button - Closed

             Belly Button Circumference - 28.5"
             Below Belly Button Circumference - 30.5"

This client also worked really hard, she moved through the exercises fairly fast and I had to pull out some other ones for her as well :) She noticed that her core strength and posture improved. She started with a pretty small separation but still had some inner core instability and weakness. She understood that by returning to crunches or other higher risk core exercises that the separation could get worse. The tissue is very vulnerable postpartum and can stretch farther or just not close after pregnancy if the inner core is ignored or stressed incorrectly.

*You may notice the client's pelvis and spine shift to her left. I've recommended to her to have a therapist check it out

TESTIMONIAL"Thanks so much Celeste! I'm so happy I found you on the internet. Using the FITsplint throughout my pregnancy helped me protect my abs and feel more stable as I exercised. After finishing ReCORE at 10 weeks post partum, my abs look and feel stronger. I feel more confident returning to exercising the correct way!"

Now both these clients can safely return to more difficult exercises and programs knowing they have a strong core foundation that functions properly and are at a much lower risk for injury. Way to go MOMS!

Remember, it is never too late to do ReCORE and get your inner core strength and stability back but if you know a mom who just had a baby..

ReCORE before
P90x, CrossFIT, running, the gym etc..
You're body will thank you later!

More info on ReCORE and the FITsplint 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

More ReCORE results!

I'm having a hard time finding the time to post ReCORE results from clients, but I know it help moms see exactly the type of progress women can make in 6 weeks.

For those of you new here...ReCORE is strickly a core - reconditioning program. We do not focus on improving cardio or diet at the same time, just inner core strength. Its the one thing that needs to improve in post-partum workouts. Please moms, focus on getting your core strength back first! ReCORE before returning to the gym or anything else (running, p90x, and especially something like cross fit) Post-partum is a vulnerable time for the weak stretched out core muscles. If you put too much stress on the core before the tissue regains strength and it can contract and be used are asking for core weakness issues (leaking, diastasis, low back pain etc, prolapse) etc. You may be dealing with some of these issues from pregnancy..just another reason to get that inner core working properly before adding more strenous exercise to it.


I apologize for the grainy pictures, but this is what I have. Clients are instructed to relax the belly for the pictures and measurements. You can see the difference in the 2nd picture after the client wore the FITsplint and followed the ReCORE program about 95%. She ended up wearing the FITsplint for just the first 4 weeks because I worked with her in-home and was able to re-measure her separation. After 4 weeks of ReCORE and the FITsplint, her separation was below a 2, so she did the last 2 weeks of ReCORE with out the FITsplint.

Started ReCORE: 6 months postpartum

Above Belly button: 2
At belly button: 2
Below belly button: 1
Belly circumference: 32"
Below belly circumference: 34"
TVA Drop Test: approx. 35 degrees

Above Belly button: Closed
At belly button: Closed
Below belly button: Closed
Belly circumference: 29 1/2"
Below belly circumference: 30 1/2"
TVA Drop Test: approx. 80 degrees

She has taken care of her ab separation! She has improved her core strength considerably as well. Now…this client did put in the work and the results and core strength improvements are obvious. Almost 3-4" off the waist just from shortening the weak stretched out core muscles. Also her TVA drop   text (a new test I am piloting with my in-home clients) improved from 35 degree drop to 80 degree drop while being able to keep the core engaged (not bulge and keep back in neutral)

BIO: Client had tried 2 very popular programs out there to get her diastasis smaller.  She had also done physical therapy.  Guess what? She didn't have any improvements with her separation until doing ReCORE and wearing the FITsplint. Also, the FITsplint was her favorite among the numerous supports she had worn.

Above Belly button: 3.5
At belly button: 4
Below belly button: 3.5
Belly circumference: 29"
Below belly circumference: 30.5 -31"

Above Belly button: 2.5
At belly button: 2.5
Below belly button: 2.5
Belly circumference: 28"
Below belly circumference: 30"

TESTIMONIAL: "I will say I tried [ name of program] three different times and my diastasis never improved, so I'm very pleased it got a little smaller this time. And I also thought your exercises were easy to incorporate into my life (as opposed to programs with tons of reps). The FITsplint was the best of all the splints I've tried, and I've tried them all."

With all clients, they can continue another 6 weeks of progressive core exercises with me or continue on their own. My goal is to get them on their own…with a good understanding what exercises to do and how to progress. 
Purchase or find more info on ReCORE and the FITsplint on the website!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ReCORE Results...getting the abs back after baby!

Here are more ReCORE client results! For those who are new here...ReCORE is a 6 week program I designed to help moms recondition their weak core associated from pregnancy (inner and outer core muscles, including the back, glutes, pelvic floor and postural muscles.  ReCORE can be done 6 weeks post-partum or 6+ years post. I make it custom online or for those close to training. It is never too late to get that core strength and function back. Some moms here were dealing with diastasis recti, others..pelvic floor or back weakness, and some with just a weak stretched out core.  Here is what 6 weeks of ReCORE and/or the FITsplint did for them.

Are these photos real? Yes! We do not photoshop them. Clients are asked to take photos with their belly relaxed. They don't stick the belly out...they don't pull it in. Photos are just one way to show what happens when stretched out muscles are reconditioned properly..diastasis recti or separation improves, muscle definition improves and posture improves etc...
Online Client #1
Started ReCORE: 2 years post-partum
Wore FITsplint? No (minimal separation)
Birth History: 5 vaginal deliveries

Now, if you look at her numbers, you think..she really didn't improve much. But, the point is that she didn't have much of a separation, but still felt pretty weak and benefited from ReCORE.  This client did not need to wear the FITsplint. She only did the exercises.

Before ReCORE -Separation: 1, 2, 0  - Waist 34" -Below Belly Button 37"

After  ReCORE  -Separation:  0, 1.75, 0 - Waist 32", - Below Belly Button 35"

Client lost 2 inches off the belly in 6 weeks. She did the program because she wanted her core strength back. She had been dealing with core weakness issues such as stress incontinence, mild prolapse, occasional back pain and not so great posture.  

"I want to say thank you! I'm SO glad I did this! I would do it again, and I will recommend it to all the mommies I know!  I feel my core strength and posture have improved; I still have some stress incontinence issues, and when jumping (like jumping jacks) my pelvic area feels heavy, but when I run I don't notice that heaviness anymore. 
Thanks so much again! -S.G. in 

Online Client #2 -
Started ReCORE: 7.5 months post-partum
Wore FITsplint? Yes
Birth History: Had triplets!!! and C-section
After 6 weeks of ReCORE and wearing the FITsplint, these were her results.



Before ReCORE -Separation: 2, 2.5, 1 - Waist 33.5"

After  ReCORE  -Separation:  1, 1,5, .5 - Waist 31.5"

This mom of triplets was able to get her separation down under 2 fingerwidths in 6 weeks!

 "I can't believe how much stronger my core is - I know I have a lot more work to put into this, but I feel like I've already come so far. My posture has improved tremendously. Before, it was difficult for me get up when lying down, but now that I've completed six weeks with ReCORE, it's not as hard. The exercises you had me doing the first week were challenging, but I know there's no way I could do then what I'm doing now. I can feel ab muscles now! And my outie belly button disappeared after a week with the splint, so I will forever be grateful for that. My belly used to stick out so much by the end of the day before I started this program; that's no longer the case." -Meghan, TN
IN-home/On-line Client #3

Started ReCORE: 12 weeks postpartum
Wore FITsplint? Yes, first 3 weeks only
Birth History: 2 vaginal births
Before ReCORE, client had finished some physical therapy for diastasis and got it down to a 2.5. But she was done with therapy and had no direction on how to continue or progress. She found me online, lived nearby and so we did an in-home consult :)



Before ReCORE -Separation: 2, 2.5, 2 - Waist 29.5"

After  ReCORE  -Separation:  1, .5, .25 - Waist 28.5"

This client was able to basically close her separation in 6 weeks..after finishing physical therapy! I consider .5 closed. She also got her strength back. No back issues here anymore :)

"Overall I feel like I have better posture, more core strength, tighter abs, more abdominal definition, no low back pain at all (which is great because after first baby my back went out about this time post partum)" - Katie in C.A.
IN-Home Client #4

Started ReCORE: 6 weeks post-partum
Wore FITsplint? YES
Birth History: 2 C-Sections

Client previously did ReCORE before getting pregnant with great results. She did the right exercises during pregnancy. After her 2nd pregnancy she had the lower part of her abs sewn together after the c-section, but the doctor didn't do a complete abdominoplasty. She was still dealing with a 3 fingerwidth separation, so we started working on ReCORE 6 weeks post. I was also able to do some new core strength screening tests...she saw big improvements with those by the end of the 6 weeks!


Before ReCORE -Separation: 2, 3, 2    - Waist 35"

After  ReCORE  -Separation:  1, 1.5, 1 - Waist 32 1/2"

She made great strides in 6 weeks! She is officially under 2 separation, more FITsplint and she is clear to do typical exercises such as plank variations, pull-ups etc (as long she can engage the core)  She is currently continuing some of the exercises on her own to progress further. We'll keep you updated :)

Client #5

Started ReCORE: 2 years postpartum
Wore FITsplint? No (separation was minimal)
Birth History: 1 vaginal
Client had previously completed a diastasis program and made some progress. She also worked with pelvic floor therapist, but wanted something to help her get her total core strength back and loose more of the belly bulge. 

Before ReCORE -Separation: 1, 1.5, 0    - Waist 29" , Below waist - 32"

After  ReCORE  -Separation:  0, .5, 0     - Waist 27.5", Below waist - 30"

This client also was able to close her separation with ReCORE!  Again..besides working on closing it..its not the most important. Yes, women should get it down less than a 2. But what also matters is how shallow the tissue gets, how the muscles now engage properly, how the mom gets her core strength and function back. A strong working core is possible with a small separation still.

"I really enjoyed how the program did the ENTIRE core, not just one area of it. I also loved having a variety of new exercises to switch it up each week and keep things interesting. The exercises fit well into my schedule too. I like that I could recondition my core while protecting my pelvic floor too, which many core exercises I see in other programs either a). beat up the pelvic floor or b.) worsen a diastasis or c.) can aggravate both conditions. So thank you for that!  I also think it is great that the program is customized to the individual, because there is such a wide range of needs that each mom has depending on what pregnancy did her body specifically, and how fit she is baseline. Thank you again Celeste, your program has been marvelous. I have recommended you to some family members as well." - Mom in CO

Find more info on ReCORE and the FITsplint at!